Jean-Louis Guelton, UCB

Head of Supply Chain
2023.10.18. 17:00-18:00

Marbella I-II. Beszerzés

Supply Chain Resilience - A key factor to business continuity

Track chair and moderator

Panel members:

Jean-Louis Guelton, Head of Supply Chain, UCB

Mirela Senica, EMEA Head of Procurement for Client relations and Sourcing in IBM/Chair of Europe in IFPSM * President of Croatian Association of Procurement

Jake Taylor, Sr. Director, ProcureAbility, New York


Global supply chain industry has been on a roller coaster ride for some years, due to the volatile economic, social and geopolitical situation. Severe supply chain disruptions badly influence companies’ profitability, and also their customers’ satisfaction. This critical situation has called for an immediate action to reshape and to create a resilient supply chain.

In this journey, the focus shall be put on how and how fast we switch from a short-term reaction to a proactive and agile (longer-term) supply chain strategy.