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Loadhog is a multi-award winning, emloyee owned UK manufacturer, dedicated to the design and manufacture of Returnable Transit Packaging solutions. The clients decide for Loadhog due to it’s unique products which contribute to smooth and efficient supply chain, reducing not only the cost but also the packaging waste and CO2 footprint. The retailers, e-comm and parcel companies around the world rely on the Pallet lid with integrated straps or the Pally last-mile platform system. Typical Return on Invesment in these products is often bellow 12 months.

Loadhog’s returnable packagings are known in Hungary for many years, serving the applications in retail, fashion, pharma, automotive and tobacco industry.

The recent development of economy is pushing logistic managers to find new solutions for cost reduction and transport changes.

Loadhog is ready to analyse your logistic flow and propose suited answer with all the benefits and consequences.

Should you need any consultation, require samples for testing or learn about the new products, setup a meeting with Loadhog.

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